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A post for feedback and critique on my portrayal of Rapunzel from Tangled.

ic mailbox.

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leave messages for rapunzel here.
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Player Information

Name: Isa.
Personal Journal: [personal profile] isanemone.
Age: 22.
Contact Info: [ profile] isanemone.
Other Characters Played: None.

Character Information

Character Name: Rapunzel.
Character Series: Disney's Tangled.
Character Age: Eighteen.
Character Gender: Female.
Original Canon
Canon Point: After the "Rapunzel Knows Best" sequence, when she chooses not to hand over the crown.
Background Link: Tangled on Wikipedia.
Personality: To begin with, Rapunzel is naïve, but not debilitatingly so. She is severely lacking in many life experiences (understandably, given that she has spent her life locked up in a tower) but she is not unintelligent. She is clever and you can see that in the things she has managed to accomplish during her eighteen years: She is a jack-of-all-trades who has taught herself a wide variety of skills, from astronomy to painting to cooking to sewing and everything in between. She tries hard not to let herself get bored and is a very creative soul. She has to be, to have kept from succumbing to cabin fever after eighteen years locked up in a tower! While she is not self-sufficient in the traditional sense, she has been sure to pick up enough practical skills that she can keep herself well taken care of even when Gothel isn't there with her.

She does put her trust in rather questionable figures. Gothel, for example, though for all Rapunzel knew the woman really was her mother and she had no reason to distrust her. She did have reason to distrust Flynn - Eugene - and was overly-cautious when dealing with him at first, but the fact that she came to the decision to trust him and came to warm up to him as they traveled is an indication of another core character trait of hers: She is willing to give anyone a chance to prove themselves one way or another, and if they prove themselves to be trustworthy, she'll trust them regardless of how questionable they were at the beginning. Flynn is not the only indication of this: The thugs at the Snuggly Duckling earned her trust after a rousing musical number. The thing is when Rapunzel follows her instincts she is usually right. Flynn grew to want to help her accomplish her goals, and the thugs helped her follow her dream. Even in dealing with Gothel, she followed her urge to leave the tower and go on her journey despite her "Mother's" insistence that the outside world was unsafe and that she needed to stay inside. She doesn't have many life experiences, but she does have good instincts.

That said, Rapunzel can be rather emotional, particularly when she feels more free to express herself than she has in the past. She internalizes a lot of what Gothel has said to her and can be insecure because of her "Mother's" jibes, but she laughs and sings and dances when she is alone. She feels very strongly: Enthusiastically throwing herself into her adventure, wallowing in self-loathing when she thinks she's betrayed Gothel, quickly getting attached to Eugene when he shows her hints of affection and wanting to believe that he likes her.

She is an extremely clever person. She figured out how to use her hair to get around when it got long, looping it in intricate patterns but somehow not getting it tangled beyond all repair. She taught herself to chart stars - something that, as you'll see by sitting in on any college astronomy class, even educated people in the modern day have trouble doing. She taught herself to do so many things that can be challenging even for people who have teachers. She learns quickly and has a thirst to learn even more, but there are many things she doesn't know and doesn't know how to do. She does have a lot of miscellaneous skills, but those are her skills - and some things that other people take for granted are things she never learned. She is equal parts capable and helpless: it's what you get when you take a girl with a lot of potential and only expose her to a very limited array of things. In many ways Rapunzel is a contradiction: A lost princess raised as a loner, an intelligent girl who knows very little about how the world works, a distrustful young woman who wants to believe the world is full of light.
Abilities: Rapunzel's only supernatural ability is her magical glowing hair which can heal wounds and keep people healthy and young forever. Its power is activated when she sings the incantation.

Other than that, she has a wide variety of other skills: painting, cooking, baking, knitting, sewing, playing guitar, solving puzzles, throwing darts (meaning good aim!), playing chess, ballet, paper mâché, pottery-making, ventriloquy, candle-making, charting stars... she also has very good upper-arm strength, as evidenced by how she lugs around 70 feet of hair, hauls Gothel up into the tower every day, and climbs using her hair as a rope. Additionally, she packs a mean punch with a frying pan.
Sample Entry: As far as towers go, this isn't the most comfortable one I've ever been in.

[Rapunzel is eyeing the network terminal warily and is clutching the handle of her frying pan as though she thinks something is about to leap out of the screen and attack her. This technology is new and terrifying and astounding all at once and she is as unsure about it as she is enthusiastic to give it a try.]

And the view isn't that great, either. [She laughs nervously.] Aren't there any plants around here? Real ones, not the weird things those rabbits with way too sharp teeth hide in?

[Then she mumbles.]

...this seems a lot more like the outside world Mother warned me about...


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